Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today is the first day...of the rest of this blog!

Greeting all!  This is my first sojurn into the realm of blogging, so I'm begging now for your patience - as well as applauding you for your bravery and good taste in choosing to read this hot mess.

Currently, Mel and I have just wrapped up the 2011 eventing season feeling pretty good about this summer's escapades.  I plan to delve into each event we attended in entirety, in it's own separate blog. (So check the sidebar!)  The winters here in Rhode Island are at least 2 months too long, and this will help pass the time.

As for now, Mel is enjoying leisurely fall trail rides and more down-time as I frantically winterize everything around her in preparation for the loooooooooooong cold spell.

Yesterday we headed out to the "horseman's park" in Arcadia.  We had the entire place to ourselves, (which isn't unusual for an early-morning weekday) and were happily trotting and cantering all over the dang place when a car pulled into the back of the park and a man dressed in full camo got out.  We continued our "happy little canter circles" and after a few minutes the man got back into his car and drove away.  Not sure if he decided against the location, or the company.  Mel does like to grunt loudly when she canters-so probably the latter.
Anyhow, we had a great outing and I rode a fairly sweaty (and happily humming) horse back home.  I'd forgotten how easily she sweats with all of her new super-fur!  Mel can grow a full winter coat in about a week. Feathers, beard and all.  Warm bath, wool cooler and a full haynet later...horse bliss!    

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